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Ever since my early teenage years I dreamt of playing in a large symphony orchestra. In 1991 I became principal percussionist in the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and this started my journey as a musician. The great classics - Beethoven, Shostakovich, Mahler - among other composers of great substance, are still just as amazing and important to me today in my current job as co-principal percussionist of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, where I have been for the last 22 years.
I enjoy playing chamber music, have performed as soloist with multiple orchestras and participated in a number of festivals. Every year I teach at summer courses with The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra.
As a teenager and later as a student at the Norwegian Academy of Music, I discovered contemporary music. Several composers made a huge impression on me, inspiring my own compositional creativity. My activities as a composer have flourished in recent years with new pieces of mine performed by great musicians and published by Norsk Musikkforlag.
I still get goosebumps almost every week at work. Being involved in music on a daily basis - playing, composing and listening – makes my life rich and colourful.


List of works

"Light Extracts" for percussion quartett 2020

"Formulation I" for percussion ensemble

"Mirror of Air" for alto flute 2019

"Earth II b - reverberation - " for percussion trio 2019

"Transition" electronic 2019

"Movements II" 2019

for two percussion players 

( written for PERCelleh )

"Fragments from Cold" 2019

for flute and electronics

( written for Helen Benson - WP 15/3 2019 )

"Reverberations" 2019

for percussion trio and electronics

( Written for Bathos Trio - WP 16/6 2019 ) 

«Triplex I»

for clarinet 

( written for Lars Hilde performed at UNM, Copenhagen 1996 - published at Nasjonalbiblioteket / nb.no )


for flute og percussion

(written for Peter Kates og Ingela Øien, perfomed at Ultima Festival )

«Shadow to Shadow»

for timpani, gongs, bells and electronics

( written for Tom Vissgren and published by Norsk Musikkforlag )

«Shadow to Shadow II»

for timpani, gongs and bells

( published by Norsk Musikkforlag )


for double bass

( published by Norsk Musikkforlag  written for Dan Styffe and performed at Bayerische Basstage in October 2018 )

«5 Pieces»

for  double bass

( published at Norsk Musikkforlag and recorded by Dan Styffe on his CD «Postcards from Oslo» ( Prima Facia ) )


for 4 percussionists and electronics

(written for the Oslo Philharmonic Percussion Ensemble )

«Three Etudes»

for timpani

( published at Nasjonalbiblioteket / nb.no )

«Elements A-B-C« electronic noises

( for photo exhibition DOK : 18 in Fredrikstad, May 2018 )




August 4. - Premiere of "Light Extracts" at Elverum Kirke

Week 4  - "Ripples" for three percussion players - written for school concerts with Oslo Phil Orchestra

22.02 - "Movements II" i Kulturkirken Jacob in Oslo - with PERCelleh at interpuls.no

14.12 . 19.00 

Movements - concert with my own pieces from last years - Nynorskens Hus in Oslo

November 23 : concert including my piece "Fragments from Cold" for flute and electronics

and check this out: https://soundcloud.com/user-483739682


"Triplex I" for clarinet ( published at Nasjonalbiblioteket / 

www.nb.no/en/nb-noter-sheet-music/ )

"Three Pieces" for timpani 

( published at Nasjonalbiblioteket www.nb.no/en/nb-noter-sheet-music/ )

March 15 : " Fragments from Cold " for flute(s) and electronics ( performed by Helen Benson at Sentralen, Oslo )

June 2019 : new piece for percussion trio Bathos

August 8 -11 : "movements II" for PERCelleh ( at Rosendal Chamber Music Festival )  



August 25 : "Shadow to Shadow" ( performed by Rune Halvorsen at Kammerfest i Østfold ) 

October 27 : "Canzona" for double bass ( world premiere by Dan Styffe at Bavarian Bassdays )



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