percussionist and composer



Ever since my early teenage years I dreamt of playing in a large symphony orchestra. In 1991 I became principal percussionist in the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and this started my journey as a musician. The great classics - Beethoven, Shostakovich, Mahler - among other composers of great substance, are still just as amazing and important to me today in my current job as co-principal percussionist of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, where I have been for the last 22 years.
I enjoy playing chamber music, have performed as soloist with multiple orchestras and participated in a number of festivals. Every year I teach at summer courses with The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra.
As a teenager and later as a student at the Norwegian Academy of Music, I discovered contemporary music. Several composers made a huge impression on me, inspiring my own compositional creativity. My activities as a composer have flourished in recent years with new pieces of mine performed by great musicians and published by Norsk Musikkforlag.
I still get goosebumps almost every week at work. Being involved in music on a daily basis - playing, composing and listening – makes my life rich and colourful.


List of works

"Imprints" for clarinet and ensemble 2021

"Epilog" (electronic) 2021

"Passage(s) for solo percussion and soundfiles  2020

"Light Extracts" for percussion quartett 2020

"Formulation I" for percussion ensemble

"Mirror of Air" for alto flute 2019

"Earth II b - reverberation - " for percussion trio 2019

"Transition" electronic 2019

"Movements II" 2019

for two percussion players 

( written for PERCelleh )

"Fragments from Cold" 2019

for flute and electronics

( written for Helen Benson - WP 15/3 2019 )

"Reverberations" 2019

for percussion trio and electronics

( Written for Bathos Trio - WP 16/6 2019 ) 

«Triplex I»

for clarinet 

( written for Lars Hilde performed at UNM, Copenhagen 1996 - published at Nasjonalbiblioteket / nb.no )


for flute og percussion

(written for Peter Kates og Ingela Øien, perfomed at Ultima Festival )

«Shadow to Shadow»

for timpani, gongs, bells and electronics

( written for Tom Vissgren and published by Norsk Musikkforlag )

«Shadow to Shadow II»

for timpani, gongs and bells

( published by Norsk Musikkforlag )


for double bass

( published by Norsk Musikkforlag  written for Dan Styffe and performed at Bayerische Basstage in October 2018 )

«5 Pieces»

for  double bass

( published at Norsk Musikkforlag and recorded by Dan Styffe on his CD «Postcards from Oslo» ( Prima Facia ) )


for 4 percussionists and electronics

(written for the Oslo Philharmonic Percussion Ensemble )

«Three Etudes»

for timpani

( published at Nasjonalbiblioteket / nb.no )

«Elements A-B-C« electronic noises

( for photo exhibition DOK : 18 in Fredrikstad, May 2018 )




April 9. "Imprints" and "Epilog"

at Dokkhuset in Trondheim

Oktober - : wp and tour "RE-echoes" at Brasswind Festival (and Oslo/Drammen/Rendalen) ( with Bente Illevold and Anders Kregnes Hansen )


First perfromance " Passage(s) by Geir Syrrist Strande

August 4. - Premiere of "Light Extracts" at Elverum Kirke

Week 4  - "Ripples" for three percussion players - written for school concerts with Oslo Phil Orchestra

22.02 - "Movements II" i Kulturkirken Jacob in Oslo - with PERCelleh at interpuls.no

14.12 . 19.00 

Movements - concert with my own pieces from last years - Nynorskens Hus in Oslo

November 23 : concert including my piece "Fragments from Cold" for flute and electronics

and check this out: https://soundcloud.com/user-483739682


"Triplex I" for clarinet ( published at Nasjonalbiblioteket / 

www.nb.no/en/nb-noter-sheet-music/ )

"Three Pieces" for timpani 

( published at Nasjonalbiblioteket www.nb.no/en/nb-noter-sheet-music/ )

March 15 : " Fragments from Cold " for flute(s) and electronics ( performed by Helen Benson at Sentralen, Oslo )

June 2019 : new piece for percussion trio Bathos

August 8 -11 : "movements II" for PERCelleh ( at Rosendal Chamber Music Festival )  



August 25 : "Shadow to Shadow" ( performed by Rune Halvorsen at Kammerfest i Østfold ) 

October 27 : "Canzona" for double bass ( world premiere by Dan Styffe at Bavarian Bassdays )



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